The Blog: Infusing Energy Into Your Online Reputation Management

When asked to give advice to aspiring writers, novelist John Steinbeck replied, “Sorry – if I had any advice to give, I’d take it myself.”


As great as he was, John Steinbeck never wrote a blog post. There is good advice for writers – bloggers, in particular – that can help them write effective content that boosts their company’s profile, and aids their Online Reputation Management.


The key to an effective blog post is with writing that is lively and readable, and SEO friendly. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It can be.

An Open Secret

There are a lot of blogs out there, but many of them don’t get read. They don’t elicit reader comments, no one shares them to Facebook, and no one tweets them. It’s an open secret, and it’s discouraging.


In spite of this, there are plenty of good reasons to blog. Writing regular blog posts about your business gives you credibility. Well-written posts are an excellent Online Reputation Management tool. They draw positive attention to your company and establish you as an authority within your industry.

Even those blogs with high readership, though, are not read very closely. That’s because most readers are looking for specific information, and scan posts quickly to find what they want.

What is a blogger to do? To write a blog post that people actually read, make sure that:

  • Your posts are well-written
  • You know your blog’s purpose
  • You provide readers with substance


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