Online Reputation Management is for Everyone

You may have asked yourself these questions in the hope of standing out from the crowd. If you thought online reputation management was just for big companies, think again.

Having a good reputation can bring in new business, and help you retain the customers you already have. It will also increase your word of mouth referrals, which are the most valuable of all. Individuals in all walks of life, even those who haven’t had anything bad written about them can use online reputation management agencies like Pure Reputation to help them control their name online. Find out more on the Pure Reputation website and follow them on the Pure Reputation Twitter page for the latest industry updates.


If you have a negative Google Suggest result, make sure you work with a professional agency that is going to solve the problem, not prolong it. Many times a scam suggestion can be removed directly by Google and doesn’t need to be pushed down with positive searches. However, using crowdsourcing positive searches can be added to help you control what people see when they search your name on Google

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