In the name of Reputation online companies making fraud

Last year I called to assist me with clearing a RipOffReport listing from my name.  The rep that I spoke with noted that it would be “very easy” to have the defamatory post on RipOffReport “suppressed” for my name in Google.  All that I had to do was pay $5,000.00 for a MyReputation plan and the RipOffReport listing would get pushed back to page 3 or beyond.


I guess there’s a s****r born every minute!  I paid the $5,000 to, and to my dismay, practically nothing happened.  Every week I’d Google my name and the negative information stayed online.  It didn’t budge AT ALL!!!!!


Furious I contacted the rep that sold me the service and requested a refund.  His name is Farukh Rashid.   Mr. Rashid told me that I’m not eligible for a refund because Reputation stopped their refund program.  He shed more light on the reason why the money-back guarantee was removed – was hemorrhaging money in refunds back to their clients.   Mr. Rashid then told me that there was nothing he could do for me and abruptly hung up.

When I tried calling Mr. Rashid back I kept getting his voicemail.  I must have left a dozen voicemails and still to this day have not received a single response.   I noticed that they have a new website that says they won a customer service award, what a joke!!! is a scam people do not use them.

Fox News is covering this story due to awareness among the people . Please do not go through any random service provider who offer service to delete articles until and unless you are very sure and haven’t saw any results from your colleagues with such brief description on it. is under investigation due to high volume of complaints and fraud cases being reported .

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